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xmas help

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Xmashelper   in reply to MY GIRLS R MY ROCK   on

Christmas Help For Those In Arizona

Where r u located?
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Xmashelper   in reply to SisterServant   on

Christmas Help For Those In Arizona

Please give him my email ...
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I'm embarrass to say that we are soo financially in the hole that if I cant get help for

I'm embarrass to say that we are soo financially in the hole that if I cant get help for my children there will be no christmas This makes me so sad. I have a daughter, 14yrs & 13 yr old twin boys. They are very nieve & dont understand why we have no money since in the past we have always helped others. Please can some1 help us? We get on our feet & I promise we will pay it forward! God Bless & I Wish you Well
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cat eyeys 28  

am a singlem mom of a 1 year old lil girl and i am in need of desspret help for christmas

am a singlem mom of a 1 year old lil girl and i am in need of desspret help for christmas for my lil girl i lost my dad 9 months ago and my jiob in febarey cus i went to go be with my father that was passen away please some one help me i need a angle rite know my name is heather i live in omaha nebraska my number is 402 779 95 88 if yoyu can help me and my daughter thank you so much and god bless you guys
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Xmas Help

Hello, I am a single parent,unemployed,with 3 girls 5, 14,17 I have been unable to find work.I live in Macon, and I get a little child support but it is not enough.Of course I do have bills to pay.I need help for XMAS ESP.the llittle one.
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xmas wishes for 2 kids

i am a single mom with 8year old girl and my 6year old son.i dont get but 50dollars week working and would love to be able to find a better job so i can afford to get what my babies want for xmas and donate a few things to others in need because it is very hard because i have done it by myself 8years.god bless all!!merry xmas everyone.i really need help so my kids have xmas.
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About butterfly74

i am a single mom of three boys ages 16 13 and 12.. i work parttime as busdriver..i dont get any state or welfare assistance..times have been hard for everyone this i know..i have absolutely no money for xmas this year..if anyone can help or suggest something i would appreciate it.. ive tried local churches and even my town one seems to b able to help..i know my children are older but everyone deserves a xmas..all i wish for xmas is that my kids have something to open..thank you

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About melissr31

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About zofer11 and peter need a little help this xmas

hi my name is zoe and that picture is a picture of my 15 yo son.  The past few years have been difficult and readiing other posts so many others seemed to be in dire straits.  I have had a diagnoses of bipolar 2 which is that i cycle between depression and for me severe anxiety. i have been treated for this for 11 years and have worked and provided well for most.  I have some very early onset arthritis which has been helped with surgery and rehab.  two years ago i walked in a robbery and was assaulted and  never been able to get it back to where it was. i have only 1 living family member and love him dearly.  i started to work again last year and in a freak accident i fell and have to knee surgerys and a lifetime of back pain ahead.  this is the first year i cant afford anything for xmas.  i applied for ssd and very sadly just gave in and applied for welfare. i have gone from 2 bedrooms to a studio 10x11. i am bereft over having nothing for my son.  i have to daughters 1 in college and the other works. they understand. I dont know what to ask for except some help giving my son gifts. i am sad and xmas has always been joyful. if you read this and have even a thought please respond. i am grateful for even support.

thank you and may you and yours be healthy and happy!



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Help for those of you in neeed of xmas help

       Hi listen to all of you worrying about xmas help go to cafemom .com and post in your state your xmas needs okay it will say if you live in the northeast areas post here to the side okay what they do is you post and pray they adopt your child children whatever so far my daughter has not been adopted or my 6 month old great nephew  it would be a good idea to join they have groups you can join to also wwwwishuponaherogo there make a wish or need.

Now just have patience okay and you may get lucky right now I am blessed my daughter who is  16 born with trismony 21 downe's sydrome a lady is helping me to get clothes for her she called yesterday she has 3 jackets coming and she was calling about what size of underwear she wears and the kind I did not know what or where to turn like so many of you I find her online well that is all I wanted to share shyshy47 and another thing does your states offer toys are tots hurry check and see my state does but my daughter is to old now.

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About packrat331

im a mother of five iv been fighting for my house i gave my aunt ten grand to by her half but they didnt plan on selling me the house just want me to pay the bills until its value went up sothen we go to court and now im homless oh once i get a lawyer i can fight it actually might come out ahead they really did some illegalstuff that just dont make since but right now i need top swallow my pride my kids need clothes we have nothing as i write the are selling my stuff on craigslist and yes i called the police they said they dont want to get involved like i said there is alot of stuff .but ive got my name on a list for housing its moving pretty quick but we need clothes coats basics for now my son josh is just a little kid hes lost everything im trying to do everything and it seems almost impossible .but if there is anyone that can help it would be appreciated used closes gift cards anything information would helpright now im replacing all our ids having a little bit of a problem but not everyone will help without proper id .well i thank you for just listening

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About billiejewel

my name is billie. i am a uaw local 12 jeep worker. i have been layed off since dec. 2007 and have only worked a total of 5 days this year. i was called back to work the first week of dec. this year and was told i would be working through jan.2009. needless to say with the poor economy and government bailouts i wont have a job to return to. i have found it hard to find assistance for myself or anyone who is in my possition, due to the fact that "my income from the prior year is to high to be able to recieve any help." the money i collect from unemployment is barelly enough to pay rent, utilities, and all the other neccesities.

we need your help to give our children a good christmas. my wife and i have two children a son who is 9 and a daughter 6. they both do exceptionally well in school and are good kids.


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About queenb1

I am in desperate need for any help towards anything this xmas. I am a single mother of 3 and just recently lost my job and we are just trying to make ends meet till I get another job.14,12,an 10 year olds. I have always had a wonderful xmas for them and this year not looking that way, I really feel like a scrooge. please serious inquires only!!! god bless, Happy Holidays mary

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About CindyRyanBen

Single Disabled Mother of 2 need of help for Christmas!

Both of my boys have disibilities....

My oldest, Ryan is 5, he's suffering from seperation aniexty and o.d.d. He was diagnosed just a short time ago!  He's not doing very well in school..always wanting to come home, always wondering where I am and what I'm doing!  I'm hoping he grows out of this..he's been like this for little over 2 1/2 years now!

My youngest, Benjamin is 2, he was diagnosed with only one working kidney when I was 4 1/2 months pregnant..a little after he was born, he had an ultrasound done and seen that his left kidney had hydronephosis..(a kink in the tube from the kidney to the bladder) specialists' say he can grow out of it..well it went from mild to it got worse instead of better..but it's back to mild!  So, I'm just hoping it cures itself in time!  But noone knows how scary it is!

Myself, I have aniexty really bad..and mood swings from my aniexty!  I have soo much going on in my husband (friend since kindergarten) is looking at a very long time in jail..still awaiting trial after almost 2 1/2 years!  Ryan is always asking for his daddy..I don't know what to say I go to the bathroom to cry so he wont see me and he follows me because he's afraid of me leaving him!

I'm soo worried about my kids..nobody knows how i Christmas is here....I have nothing for them..they deserve soo much more than I can offer but I collect disibility and bills come first..but it's hard to tell my kids that!

I can't give Ryan what he really wantsanyways..noone can..he says he just wants his daddy home!  That KILLS me! 

If you know any organization that would help, please contact me @

**********I will show any and all info. to back up what I said*********

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About shanny730

Please anyone who can help, i have 3 kids a boy 15 and 2 girls 14 and 9.  my husband of 11 years up and left us 3 months ago. my ex the fater of the oldest 2 has not paid support in 3 months.  any help for xmas please email me at!!

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About ny41680

My name is Nicole. I am a single mother of five wonderful children. Kathy 14, nicholas 11, Kate 7, nicholette 5, and hector 3 yrs. I am writing via email cause I am using my friends computer to look up help online as well as writing dear santa letters. I am in need this christmas to get my children things that i cant afford like the little things. I am a mother who lives off public assistance cause my 7 and 5 yr old daughters have very challenging mental wise problems and have adhd. I need the help of getting my children coats this winter and boots.  I desperatly need pots and pans to cook with cause it very hard to get pots there tooo expensive and i have had mine for 4 yrs since i was in the shelter system cause they gave them to me. Month to month is very challenging money wise. I mangage to barly pay the bills and get what I need.ty so much for reading this and considering to help my family

With best wishes,

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need help

Hi all my name is Cindy and I,m raising 3 grandkids on ss, I,m new here to wilson ,nc.

I need help for chrismas for my 3 kids, their mother passed away 2 yrs ago and thier dad lives in Ohio, I,m lucky I get what little child suport he pays. The kids have a hard time at xmas knowing they can,t share it wiyh mom, I try to provide for them the best I can. If someone knows of a place that adoptes families for xmas in wilson nc please let me know!!

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